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Dr. Avanda

Dr. Avanda Demperio, D.C., C.A.C.C.P., is originally from Southampton, England and Immigrated with her family to Johnson City, New York in 1962. She obtained her Associate's in Science from Delhi University in Upstate New York.

Dr. Avanda obtained her Bachelor of Science and her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. Her special areas of interest in practice are Chiropractic Pediatrics where she has advanced training, nutritional counseling, Bio-Set and Bio-cranial technique as well as Diversified and Cox technique.


Dr. David

Dr. David Demperio, D.C., is originally from Syracuse, New York. Dr. David obtained his Associate in Human Biology from Meremec College in St. Louis, Missouri. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree and his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. There he specialized in Diversified and Activator techniques. Dr. Demperio has advanced training and certification from The Spine Research Institute of San Diego for the treatment of patients with whiplash related injuries. He is also a 30 year member of The North Carolina Chiropractic Association.

Certified Belmont, Cramerton, Gastonia Chiropractors

Belmont Chiropractic Center's certified and qualified Belmont, Cramerton, Gastonia chiropractors have been helping patients in the greater Belmont, Cramerton, Gastonia area for many years. We understand how frustrating your pain can be and strive to offer each and every one of our patients personalized and attentive care.

At Belmont Chiropractic Center, we strive to not only treat but also educate our patients about pain and pain management. You may not know that your constant headaches are a symptom of a neck strain, or that your constant knee pain is caused by a misaligned back. Many of our patients come in complaining of pain in one part of their body to find out that it can be treated by working on a totally different area. A skilled chiropractor can even decrease or completely alleviate pain caused by arthritis or resulting from whiplash and other injuries. He or she will also be able to counsel on the best pain management treatment for your unique situation, often without having to prescribe expensive pain killers.

If you have been through countless specialists and physiotherapists and see no improvement in your pain level or your overall quality of life, it may be time to call a professional chiropractor. Many patients have confided in us that they wished they had started by consulting a chiropractor and skipped expensive appointments with hard to see specialists that did nothing for them.