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Holly Mackin is a competitive cyclist and she knows what chiropractic care can do for her. Belmont Chiropractic Center is a proud sponsor. She has won numerous awards and is still trying to find her limits. Here is her story.

I’ve known that I had scoliosis since I was 11 years old. I was told by multiple doctors and family members what I should avoid, instead of being encouraged to discover what I could do. I know their intentions were in the right place, and they wanted to help me prevent injury and make sure that I didn’t overdo it. I’m also certain that limits are unknown until they are found. My stubbornness and independence led me down a road to discover just what those limitations are. I started cycling as a way to enjoy being outside and stay in shape and I decided to try triathlons back in 2004. I did a few short triathlons, but I had some knee issues. I tried abstaining from running, using cross training to stay in shape for about 6 months. I started adding running to my workout regimen again several times, but my body clearly did not want to do this. So, I kept cycling and swimming. I did a bike ride with a friend a few years ago, and he encouraged me to join a racing team. I was intimidated but after much though, I decided to give it a try. I raced for a few years and really enjoyed many aspects of it. I did mountain centuries, road races, time trials, mountain bike racing and criteriums. In particular, I discovered that I really enjoy Time Trialing, and I’ve been focusing on them ever since. Whenever my body starts to get out of alignment, I get chiropractic and Neuromuscular massage treatments to keep my body performing at its best. I raced solo for 2015 and plan to start a team for 2016. I hope to share my passion for cycling, competition and finding limits with others, and helping them to navigate through learning the ropes, and taking care of their bodies so they can be at their best.

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