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Alyssa Andrews

Alyssa joined our staff in December of 2014 as therapist and massage therapist. She is a native of Wareham, Massachusetts; a small town just an hour southeast of Boston. She grew up in Southwest Florida with her parents and sister when her father retired from the Massachusetts State Police. Alyssa then relocated to North Carolina in 2009, graduating with Honors from Southeastern Institute in Charlotte NC specializing in Neuromuscular Massage. Alyssa understands the many benefits of Chiropractic care, working on the whole body to achieve maximum benefits in posture, athletic performance and correcting the imbalances of the musculoskeletal system resulting in faulty movement patterns. Alyssa is now the owner of Belmont Wellness Center. She is excited to start this new venture in the same building as Belmont Chiropractic bringing her enthusiasm and knowledge for the field of massage therapy to her new office and community. Though she is no longer an employee of Belmont Chiropractic Center she works closely with our doctors in adjunct service in her new wellness center.


Amy Ballard

We are happy to welcome Amy Ballard back to our practice. She is a skilled and friendly Chiropractic Assistant. We are happy to have you back on our team!


Tabetha Falls

Tabetha Falls Chiropractic Assistant, is involved in every aspect of patient care in the office. Her primary duties include making sure our insurance department runs smoothly. Please call her with any questions about your insurance coverage and billing. She is an expert.

Certified Belmont, Cramerton, Gastonia Chiropractors

Belmont Chiropractic Center's certified and qualified Belmont, Cramerton, Gastonia chiropractors have been helping patients in the greater Belmont, Cramerton, Gastonia area for many years. We understand how frustrating your pain can be and strive to offer each and every one of our patients personalized and attentive care.

At Belmont Chiropractic Center, we strive to not only treat but also educate our patients about pain and pain management. You may not know that your constant headaches are a symptom of a neck strain, or that your constant knee pain is caused by a misaligned back. Many of our patients come in complaining of pain in one part of their body to find out that it can be treated by working on a totally different area. A skilled chiropractor can even decrease or completely alleviate pain caused by arthritis or resulting from whiplash and other injuries. He or she will also be able to counsel on the best pain management treatment for your unique situation, often without having to prescribe expensive pain killers.

If you have been through countless specialists and physiotherapists and see no improvement in your pain level or your overall quality of life, it may be time to call a professional chiropractor. Many patients have confided in us that they wished they had started by consulting a chiropractor and skipped expensive appointments with hard to see specialists that did nothing for them.